Pega products

Pega is the market-leading low-code application development programme, that delivers innovative software that makes light work of business complexity.

The following products have all been built by our ai4innovation team through the Pega platform. All are available to be purchased and we can arrange a demo to run you through anything of interest.


Improve your debt recovery rates while treating your customers fairly and enhancing brand loyalty.

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Traditional methods of contacting customers (letters, phone, voicemail) are proving less effective than digital channels at recovering debt. Worse still, a lack of customer response often leads to increased efforts to contact them via unpopular channels, leaving customers feeling harassed at a potentially difficult time of their lives. Ai4 Empathetic Collections uses AI to derive the Next Best Communication method using previous contact history and customer preferences to promote a digital-first and personalised contact strategy for each customer to ensure they are contacted at the right time by their preferred channel.

Ai4 Empathetic Collections uses Pega’s AI capabilities to analyse key characteristics of customers’ 360° view including payment history, financial standing, previous behaviour etc., to automatically derive a payment plan that provides the optimal chance of successful debt recovery, without unduly increasing the financial stress for the customer.

For incoming emails, letters, chats etc., cases will be created automatically by applying Pega’s OCR and NLP features to extract the data required for downstream processing. Where the data is available, cases will be auto routed to the appropriate team for fulfilment.

The revised payment plan is automatically created and sent to the customer via DocuSign for an electronic signature. When a signed agreement is returned an automatic case resolution is filed.


Automates your employee journey from recruitment and onboarding to regular appraisal and offboarding.

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Interact with you new hires, capture all information required and manage the pre-boarding, day one and subsequent tasks across multiple departments. Orchestrate fulfilment of all tasks required to enable the employee to integrate into the company smoothly and efficiently.

Organise and manage fulfilment of mandatory employee workplace and skills training.

Automatically schedule employee and manager appraisals and feedback.

Manage employee rewards and benefits.

Manage the fulfilment of all tasks needed when an employee leaves.

Allows HR, business managers and line managers to view the new employee pipeline, act on relevant tasks required for new employees and see feedback on both employees and managers.

DocuSign Integration

Negate the need for scanning, printing, signing, and sending documents manually.

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Many organisations waste time and money manually processing documents requiring signatures. Ai4Process has removed the manual steps associated with document signature processing by integrating Pega’s market-leading Digital Process Automation (‘DPA’) platform with the market-leading Electronic Signature software, DocuSign™.

Sign, send and manage the document signature process in a totally secure environment that is legally compliant and provides a complete audit trail of both the document and the case processing it forms a part of.

Track your document and use SLAs and intelligent work routing to prioritise the most urgent cases, ensuring the most important work is dealt with first.

Negate the need for paper and keep business moving while you are on the move with our omni-channel capabilities. Processes cases from the office, or remotely on your mobile, laptop, tablet, or other devices.

ai4process’s DocuSign Integration ensures documents are 100% accurate from transmission to receipt. It removes the possibility of partially signed or unsigned documents being returned, or unsightly rework on original documents when mistakes are made.

Delivery Management for Pega Express™

Consolidating all aspects of Pega’s delivery methodology to enable end-to-end management from a single Pega application.

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Ai4process Delivery Management provides a guided process for a delivery professional to follow to help ensure adherence to the Pega Express™ methodology, enhancing the likelihood of project success.

The tool provides the ability to visualise the entire project progress in a simple fashion, featuring an easy-to-use project log.

ai4process provides the ability to enable or disable various steps within the project lifecycle so that the end-to-end delivery can be rigidly prescriptive or more flexible, dependent on the nature of the engagement and / or the maturity of the project team in terms of Pega Express™ delivery experience.

All project artefacts such as PSRs, RAID logs, Case Type Backlogs, Product Backlog, User Stories etc., are stored in a common repository and available to all stakeholders and participants alike (subject to security and access rights).

Life Insurance Accelerator

A Customer Service for Insurance accelerator, with enhanced functionality catering to Life Insurance Processing

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Features include new functionality for creating and persisting life Insurance policies, with enhanced back-end data models.

Includes a new, real-time quotation generation engine, incorporating a risk assessment which comprises wellness, lifestyle, and occupational factors.

Fully configurable risk thresholds enable businesses to adjust the amount of risk they are prepared to undertake when accepting straight-through quotations.

Intelligent processing of cases enables the identification of high-risk customers, and ensures they are routed to specialist teams. Additionally, it provides underwriters with the complete customer 360° view, allowing them to be able to refactor quotes quickly and effectively.

Enhanced workflow for straight-through processing of standard Life Insurance applications, along with enhanced referral and approval stages for handling higher risk applicants.

Customers enjoy a consistent experience across devices including mobile devices and web portals.

Sentiment Analysis for Pega

Gain priceless business insights from large data sources such as Twitter, Facebook, data lakes etc.

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ai4process Sentiment Dashboard helps businesses gather, learn from, and use unstructured data available on social media or other large data sources to help them understand the feedback/sentiment about their products or services. Large unstructured data feeds are analysed according to a predefined subject, trend or #keyword, and that data is then extracted real-time into the Pega dashboard for sentiment analysis. The extraction can also be scheduled at regular intervals or on-demand.

The data can be gathered from multiple sources, such as multiple Twitter feeds or from regulatory sources, and presented according to the organisation’s specific requirements by leveraging Pega’s sophisticated dashboard capabilities.

ai4process Sentiment Analysis extracts positive, negative, and neutral sentiments and uses advanced features of the Pega platform such as the NLP, AI and adaptive analytics so that automated feedback can be provided to social media users.

Matching and validating social media feeds with regulatory data sources, for example, Pharmacovigilance Adverse Events databases such as FAERS, helps highlight potential compliance breaches and allows organisations to take proactive action to avoid regulatory fines and reputational damage.


The ai4 Pharmacovigilance application extends the channels and features provided from the Pega Pharmacovigilance application is is designed around the challenges and trends for Pharmacovigilance in these uncertain times.

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Allows company representatives to spend more time on value-added activities, due to minimized human touchpoints.

Alexa and Chat channels empower clients to log Adverse Events and Product complaints 24/7 without reliance on CSRs.

Cases are created and false positives eliminated automatically.

Alexa Integration

Provides the ability to drive secure customer engagement via the Alexa channel

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ai4 Alexa allows customers to instigate an engagement with a service provider using their preferred method. This might be to ask for a new insurance quotation or to report an Adverse Event in the instance of Pharmacovigilance.

Ai4 Alexa uses guided processing to ensure all the relevant data is captured correctly and validated at the first time of asking.

By exploiting a voice assistant to control the initial engagement, cases are created automatically, meaning CSRs don’t need to use traditional channels such as email, voice, or letters to capture the necessary information to instigate the request. This can lead to dramatically reduced effort in the Contact Centre.

ai4 Alexa exploits some of the latest features of Alexa including Voice Profile activation and Account Linking, meaning the engagement is secure and personalised.