Whilst we service customers and provide products across a wide range of sectors, we have specialist expertise in the following industries.


Our team has a wealth of experience in the Banking and Financial Services arena, both within the UK and globally. We have worked with some of the world’s largest financial institutions, deploying solutions across the business, from marketing and customer service to more specialist applications such as:

  • Client Life Cycle Management
  • Know Your Client and Customer Due Diligence / Enhanced Due
  • Smart Dispute – Financial Instrument Fraud and Dispute processing and chargebacks
  • Smart Investigate – Payments investigations arising from international SWIFT payments and other payment platforms
  • Customer Service and 1:1 Customer Engagement
  • Real-time marketing


With several blue-chip customers in the insurance industry, and with a great depth of experience in deploying solutions for them, our team specialises in providing:

  • Pega Underwriting for Insurance
  • Delegated Authority
  • Customer Service for Insurance

In addition to this, we have a specific Insurance product; ai4 Life Assurance Accelerator


Our consulting team delivers Pega technology solutions for many organisations across the Telco and Media industry, following best practice gleaned from our extensive domain experience. Most of our support involves customer lifecycle solutions such as out-of-the-box acquisition solutions, cross-sell/up-sell and retention; all of which can be implemented in under ninety days through a 1:1 customer engagement programme.

Our specialist domain knowledge with Pega applications include:

  • Pega Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Next Best Action
  • Public Sector