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OutSystems is a high-performance low-code platform that achieves serious productivity, creating serious apps with continuous innovation.

The following products have all been built by our ai4innovation team through the OutSystems platform. All are available to be purchased and we can arrange a demo to run you through anything of interest.


Helping Financial Services organisations to manage Complaints and meet their regulatory requirements.

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Manage the full end-to-end process for complaints raised by consumers of a firm’s financial services products or services. From acknowledgement of the complaint to the customer’s preferred channel, to prioritisation and routing to the most appropriate complaint handler. All aspects of the case are recorded, including whether there was any financial loss, what redress was offered and the acceptance/rejection of any resolution and/or redress actions.

Complaints can be raised and registered via any channel, whether directly into the application or via email, SMS integration or other messaging platforms. Complaints can also be ingestion into the system using ai4’s document handling and natural language processing capability.

The FCA grants the right for Financial Services consumers to escalate complaints to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) if they are not satisfied with the complaint outcome. FOS can demand to see the firm’s response and process to determine whether they have acted fairly. The application supports a full extraction of case history and documentation for sharing with the FOS on request.